The people that make drag racing look great

I've personally been photographing drag now for going into my 8th season now. For years I was the one buying photos from other photographers when I was racing, but now I am on the other side of the camera and wanted to acknowledge who I think are some of the absolute best of the best in the arena of drag racing photography. 

So in no particular order I want to highlight some of the people that I think make drag racing look great and bring it to the masses. I know there are plenty that aren't on this list, and that isn't taking anything away from them, this is just a short list of amazing photographers & videographers. These folks below are just some of the ones that bring you amazing drag racing coverage, photos, and video week after week throughout the year. 


Mark Rebilas

Richard Shute

Chuck Clark

John Fore III

Gary Nastase

James Sisk

Dominick Damato

Bryan Epps

Chris Simmons

Dave Rocheleau

Steven Wilson

Vincent Peete

Anthony Pinder

Jason Reiss

Chevelle Rob Cossack

Justin Frank

Mike Pryka

Brian Hogan

Ellen Eschenbacher

Dallas Wilson


Hans Pierre Jr

Sean Melton

Gary Rowe

Kevin Maurer