Small Tire Superstar Lyle Barnett has big plans for his Camaro

Lyle Barnett, whom most know as the driver of Jason Digby's ToothJerker Dart, is making plans for later this year that may take the No Time World by Storm. 

We spoke with Lyle last night and he let us know that he will be out in full force for the 2018 season. Not only will he be wheeling up to a handful of cars, but his own '67 Camaro is at the chassis shop right now getting some needed updates.  

 Photo Provided by Lyle

Photo Provided by Lyle

The more interesting news is who will be helping Lyle getting moving in the right direction. None other than the Wunderkind, NHRA and Small tire standout Stevie Jackson. Lyle and Stevie have known each other a long time, and recently Lyle purchased the blower off of Stevie's record setting car.  Stevie and the KTR crew will be helping with the process of making power and getting it to put down some serious numbers. 

Under the hood will be a BAE Hemi with a Hammer roots blower. Eric Yost at Customs by Bigun is helping out with the build, along with Pete Harrell at HED. Also a big help in the process of getting the Camaro up, running, and safe is none other than the world leader in beadlocks, and that is Tommy Kirk and Jason Hendrickson at MacFab Beadlocks. 

Lyle certainly isn't new to racing at all. He can pretty much drive anything with wheels. While most of you know Lyle as the driver of the Dart, that is just the most recent car Lyle has drove. Previous to that, Lyle was behind the wheel of a head turning Corvette in Radial vs. The World. That is the car that had a fuel injection issue, caught fire, and caused Lyle to be in the hospital for an extensive period of time. 


You can bet that the best of the best will be used on the Camaro when it comes to the safety of the car and the safety of Lyle. There has been no bigger proponent of safety over the last couple years than Lyle has been. 

Plans for the season with the Camaro include wrapping up the chassis work and hopefully be out testing early summer with the combo. This car is certain to hurt some feelings once it is all sorted out. Lyle said the plan is to run N/T and some Pro275 with the car. You can stay tuned to E3xtreme as the build moves along. We will be there with exclusive testing coverage as well this summer.