UPDATE: Chris Matters and Kevin "Flash" Fiscus team up for the 2017 season.

As you can see from the photos below, it’s already been a big week in Georgia and it’s only Tuesday. We ran in to Chris and Kevin yesterday in the pits at SGMP and they let us in on the news.

In between his work for our country in the Navy, and everything else going on in life, it has taken a while for Chris to get the car where he wanted it. Chris is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy in which he is a Deputy Project Lead of SPAWAR.



He oversees $10 Million C4l installations of big deck navy ships. Chris is also the President and owner of Matters Properties & Brown Shoe Investment Fund INC.




The last time we saw the car was in the pits at Jason Miller’s World Cup race last November and knew it was only a matter (pardon the pun) of time before Chris had the car at the biggest race in the radial world. You may also know Chris as a race announcer from numerous races up and down the east side of the country.

Chris’ Saleen hasn’t seen track time since 2010. Lights Out is the huge race, but it’s also the first race in the 2017 X275 points series. If you want to compete for the first ever points championship in X275, you must be at this race. A perfect time to debut the car and the driver for the car.

What better person to drive the car at this point too? Kevin “Flash” Fiscus is known as one of the best in the world. Kevin is the fastest man to ever bolt on a set of drag radials, has numerous event wins in radial, as well as Pro Mod. There isn’t much that Flash can’t do that’s for sure.  Just a few weeks ago, Kevin was driving Willard Kinzer’s Mustang in LDR at the U.S. Street Nationals in Bradenton, FL and took the win there.

Chris told us the reason he asked Kevin to drive his beautiful Saleen is that Kevin is so extremely talented and his trust of Kevin’s abilities. The car will stay in Florida during the season as well, since Chris is located far up the east coast. Since Chris and his wonderful wife are busy with work, and she is working on her doctorate degree, it’s best that most feasible that the car stay south.  

The goal for the 2017 season is twofold. First of all, they want to win the 2017 X275 points championship, but secondly and to some people maybe an even bigger deal is that Chris wants to set claim to the world record for a Modular Powered X275 car, which is currently held by the ModFather Ronnie Diaz at a 4.53.

None of it is possible without the help of his sponsors and the people that support and help him Chris said. That in mind there are some people and companies that Chris would like to thank Precision Turbo, JPC (Justins Performance Center), RGR (Rich Groh Racing), Big Stuff 3, ATF (Automatic Transmission Factory), Mickey Thompson Tires, Drummond Race Cars, DJ Safety, & Baer Brake Systems.


Well folks it happened, in only a few short hits on the track, the Chris Matters Saleen has managed to break the world record for a Modular Powered X275 combo, when Kevin went a 4.510 at a blistering 161.65 this morning in qualifying. We have a feeling that the .40's are just a pass or two away!! Huge congrats to Chris and Kevin on the accomplishment.