Crashes, Fires, Wheelstands, & Amazing Drag Racing...This is Lights Out 8

It's Friday morning and we have already seen more excitement than you see by Sunday at most other events. We've see wild wheelstands, we saw a terrible crash, and multiple fires at Lights Out 8. 

While we have been here since Sunday, the action really heated up in a literal way on Tuesday, when Kevin Fiscus came cruising through the traps and  the beautiful Proline powered Vette of Andrew Alepa caught fire. There was extensive front end damages due to the fire, but we have heard that the car is already completely torn down and going to be ready for reassembly very very soon. 

On Wednesday we had testing through out the day, and then in to round one of qualifying for Radial vs. The World. This is the class that everyone lines the walls for. I have been covering this event for years, and I am not sure if I have ever seen a more violent crash as when fan favorite Bugzilla struck the right wall and went into a barrel roll, which ended when he rolled over the retaining wall. Luckily, Ron was able to get out of the car and walked to the ambulance. That wasn't the only excitement in RvW, Bill Lutz, who was back driving after being forced to take 2016 off for medical reason, popped the engine on the Mustang and that put them out of contention for the weekend. 

When we rolled into Thursday the thought was "nothing else could go wrong" and boy were we wrong on that one. Testing again consumed much of the day, and then we were set to go into qualifying for all the classes and round two of RvW. Things were going smooth until an end to end trans leak caused a  major clean up, setting us well behind for the night. When we did resume, we were treating to some surprisingly off times. The RvW cars were trying to figure the track out. A real highlight of Thursday was the fact that once again Lyle Barnett broke his own leaf spring world record. We are pitted across from the Digby owned Dart this weekend, and I will tell you if it sticks, you can put that record aside, because it will get crushed. 

In other news Saturday night, we did see another fire. This time it was the sexy blue Camaro of Steven Fereday, owner of Late Model Racecraft. The track crew, along with the safety equipment that Steven was wearing, did its job and Steven walked away ok. The car appears to be fixable, just not this weekend. 

Broken parts and body panels seems to be a theme as well here. As usual, you are always going to have carnage, but we have seen at least two heavy hitters wreak body parts too. Mark Dykeman in the Blue Goose lost his hood and had to borrow one from a Procharger display booth car, and the Bruder Brothers already wrecked a hood on their new blower set up. 

We are continuing qualifying here today at SGMP. If you aren't here you should be! There is more racing left this weekend that one human brain can legitimately consume. The best way to stay up on the action is our live updates on Facebook, but we will also be posting more here tonight and through the weekend. 

As usual, I can't close without thanking our amazing coverage partners for the weekend. Without them on board we wouldn't even be here. So make sure you actually go and thank them. Tell them to continue their support, and you need to make sure to support the companies that support us.