Lyle does it again to make it official

That's right folks. It's official, a 4.29 at 174.41 in the Jason Digby owned Dodge Dart. This time the pass was done in competition while running against Kevin Fiscus during Q2 of LDR at Bradenton Motorsports Park U.S. Street Nationals. 

This is the same car and set that made 4.31 passes at Darlington Dragway and Bradenton within 48 hours of each other this week. Those were done in testing, but in official competition the record now stands at a 4.29 at 174.41. 

Not only was this the first time ever that a leaf spring car went in the 4.20's but we also saw Kevin carry a wheelie out to the 330' in the Proline powered Willard Kinzer's Mustang. 

We just received a call from Lyle that at the end of the pass the wheel broke and that they will be looking for a wheel so they can continue their weekend of lowering the record. As soon as we have the time slip we will add it right here as well.