Kalitta Motorsports Drivers show NASCAR what TEN THOUSAND HORSEPOWER is all about

Yesterday, we at E3xtreme were invited by Kalitta Motorsports to join them for their NHRA NASCAR swap. It featured Troy Coughlin Jr, J.R. Todd, and Shawn Langdon from the Kalitta camp, along with Noah Gragson, Grant Enfinger, Ryan Truex, and Christopher Bell from the NASCAR side of things. 

The tradition of doing this has continued to grow and Toyota takes the time to make sure that the cross branding is something for everyone to enjoy. E3xtreme Co-Founder Ellen Eschenbacher was on hand and got to ride in a street version of the Toyota Camry with 4x winner in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East and West in 2016, Noah Gragson. Ellen stated that the experience was amazing to be within inches of the wall while on the banks of Charlotte Motor Speedway. 

Shawn, J.R., and Troy also took their turns ripping around the track in the Camry. Of course, telling guys that drive 320+ MPH for their day job to keep it under 85 mph is always going to be tough, but somehow they managed. Once we were all wrapped up making the turns on the circle track, we made our way back to a more familiar spot...the four lane palace that is ZMax Dragway in Concord North Carolina. 

The drag strip is right next door to the circle track, so there wasn't a chance for a Days of Thunder rental car moment. There was a chance to show the young guns of NASCAR what 10,000 HP is all about though. This was an experience that I don't think any of these young men will soon forget either. 

Noah and Grant were first up and they got to sit in and do warm ups in the Top Fuel rides, while Ryan and Christopher handled the Funny Car. The quote of the day came from Noah though after his warm up experience with Shawn Langdon's Top Fuel Dragster. Noah Gragson, NASCAR Craftsman Truck driver, on his warm up experience in Shawn Langdon 's Top Fuel Dragster "These guys need a wheel barrow for their balls!"

After the warm ups completed, Shawn and J.R. brought their cars up to the line for what tuned in to some absolutely epic burnouts. It seemed to me that the burnouts went at least half track on both, but the more entertaining part was to watch the media crowd on hand all cover their ears and duck when each car hit the throttle in the waterbox, and rolled 600' out. That smell of nitro, and the heart pounding feeling of 10,000 Horsepower peeling your skin back and pulsing through your veins is something they can never forget either!! At the bottom of this page you will find a link to the full gallery. Make sure to check out the images that Ellen captured from this event!!