Jonas Aleshire Rides a Freight Train of Momentum into St. Louis

Jonas Aleshire Rides a Freight Train of Momentum  into St. Louis

Jonas Aleshire has vaulted into the Pro Mod Racing scene in the last 12 months piloting his 2006 ZO6 Corvette sporting the Chris Duncan Race Cars and Miramichi Dragway livery. Chipping away at some gremlins chipping away at one after another passes down to the track leads Jonas to his first career win at Tulsa.

The CDRC team is headed into MWPMS Race #4 in St. Louis this week as a part of Mel Roth’s PSCA Heads Up Hootenanny coming off Jonas’ FIRST career victory at the #3 race of the MWPMS season in Tulsa.

 “Reflecting on the Tulsa race is amazing. We are 100% self-funded and really attempt to do as much as we can with what we have. Being a self-funded team means that we have to really make what we have work and last. Tulsa was an amazing event for us and showed us that we may not have a huge budget, but we can win by doing what we do best.”


The win wasn’t easy though. 2018 has been a wave of emotions. The first race of the Mid-west Pro Mod Series left the team down after experiencing a catastrophic failure to begin the season and a DNQ. Jonas and Chris Duncan didn’t let that end their season.

The 526” Hemi was rebuilt by Hameetman Racing Engines (HRE) out of Coral Gables, Florida and assembled by Jonas and Chris the day before the second race of the season in Bowling Green, Kentucky as the series was part of the Outlaw Street Car Reunion V.

Kentucky was much more laid back and friendly to the team as they clawed their way through qualifying, setting person best runs pass after pass during qualifying ending the 3 sessions #2 3.73 at 204.82. Jonas took rounds wins over Tony Williams, MWPMS Ennis winner Todd Martin and points leader Ron Muenks. Jonas faced Jerry Hunt in the finals where a freak starting line issued caused a red light for Jonas allowing Hunt to take the win.


This could have been a set back again, but the momentum was fiercely building within the team headed to the third event of the MWPMS in Tulsa. 23 Pro Mods battled it out in very warm and windy conditions. Jonas’ beast qualified #3 with 3.76 @ 202.27. You could feel the freight train rolling throughout the day as Jonas eliminated one-by-one Taylor Lastor, (CDRC built) Chad Javers and Aaron Wells. The final round was shaping up to be a battle with points leader Ron Muenks but Ron red-lighted away a 3.75 allowing Jonas to take the win while setting the low ET of the whole event 3.73 @ 202.61.

Stay tuned for a full-feature on Jonas and the Chris Duncan Race Cars team.

“I would like to thank my team along with Chris Duncan for the opportunity to drive the car & all my family for understanding and enjoying what we love.”

Crew Chief:

Chris Duncan

Crew Members:

Todd Story

Josh Longshore

Ryan Hutchason

Mikel Clifton

CDRC Shop Crew:

Michael French

Bret Chaney

Trevor Ault

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