PDRA Superstar Jay Cox Receives Anonymous Gift Towards the 2018 Season

It isn't often that a gesture of kindness makes the news when it comes to drag racing. This is a situation where it is well warranted though. The receiver of this anonymous gesture is none other than PDRA Pro Nitrous superstar Jay Cox. 

It appears as though Jay Cox has a mighty big fan. As some of you may have heard, an anonymous gift of $5000 was sent to Jay's engine builder Buck Racing Engines with a note that it was to be used for parts and labor for Jay's car. This is certainly a step in the right direction for Jay's team. 


We all know that running at that level is costly to say the least. It certainly is encourging to see someone randomly step up like that to help Jay's program and in turn continue to support the world of Pro Mod racing. When we spoke to Jay today, he said that he is going to try and run as many PDRA races as he can. 

Jay stated that some amazing sponsors have stepped up with parts and pieces for the season, but it still costs money to get back and forth, along with making any needed repairs during the course of the season. I think most of you would be shocked to learn how much these pro mods cost to run at that level. Jay said that for the time being, a lot of the money going into his program will be money from his own pocket until they can find a sponsor to help offset those costs. 


He wanted to make sure to give a big shout out to whoever donated that chunk of change for him at the beginning of the season. Jay also wanted to thank the rest of his sponsors that are on board right now: Diamond Pistons, Total Seal Rings, Mark Mickie Trans, Chance Converters, Quarter Max, Rick Jones Race Cars, Hoosier Tires, VP Racing Fuel, & GRP Rods.

Look for Jay to be a threat to Tommy Franklin this season in PDRA Pro Nitrous as Tommy seeks his 3rd Championship in a row.