Kevin "Flash" Fiscus & Nelson Morales team up for 2017 NHRA Season

We received a phone call from Kevin today and he wanted to talk Pro Mod. I have know that there was something in the works, but Kevin finally gave us the full rundown of what the plan is in 2017. 

As some may know, Kevin spent a lot of time in the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico during the 2016 season. This was because he was tapped by Proline take care of doing break in and shakedown passes on the white Mustang, built by PMS Race Cars, called "Big Deal". It was then that Kevin and Nelson first met and started to form that trust. 

Nelson decided that he wanted a Pro Mod. PMS Race Cars, located in Puerto Rico was tasked with building the brand new C7 Corvette. The car has been fitted with a state of the art Proline Hemi, and a pair of Precision Turbochargers to make what will certainly be 4000+ horsepower. Controlling that kind of power takes high-end gear. That is why the Vette is equipped with a brand new FuelTech FT600, along with Turbosmart waste gates and blowoff valves.


With all of Kevin's previous experience, he was the perfect person to be the one behind the wheel of this machine as well. Kevin has raced his fair share of NHRA races in the last few years, and is also the 2015 PDRA Pro Boost World Champion. Kevin vasts array of knowledge, whether on a radial, or a slick, and whether on hot or cool track will certainly come in handy this season as the RPM/NHRA Pro Mod series will add two more events for a total of 12. 







As usual Kevin's crew will consist of one of his best friends, Johnny Drama. Johnny is Kevin's right hand man and also takes care of getting the car to the races. Also on the team fro the 2017 will be Erik and George from PMS Race Cars. As far as the timeline on this, Kevin said that they car is not yet complete, but should be after Gainesville. He is hoping that it will be done for the Houston race. In the mean time Kevin will still be driving Mustang Sally at Gainesville, for the opening NHRA race of the season. 

This doesn't come without it's challenges though. Some don't know that Kevin isn't some large successful business owner with disposable income and write-off's. This is something that Kevin works very hard to do and spends every dime and every waking moment making it happen. With that said, Kevin is always open to new marketing partnerships.  If you want to talk to Kevin about marketing partnerships, you can call him at (904) 728-4883 or you can reach him by email at

Now just for clarification so that none of you are confused, the team of FKR is still as strong as ever. In fact later this season we may see a two car team from Josh and Kevin in the NHRA. In the mean time though, Josh will be getting his pro mod seat time while competing in NMCA for the season. FKR has been one of the most dominate teams in drag racing this decade and we expect that to continue at a high level. Josh will also continue to drive the radial car at certain events. You will see a lot of this team in 2017!