Ekanoo continues to expand on their pursuit of excellence!

As some of you may have heard of before reading this, Ekanoo Racing has now become the fastest door car in the world! What you may not realize is that they are doing all this in Pro Boost trim with only twin 94's on the car. 

Yesterday and today (Jan. 9th & 10th 2017), Ekanoo Racing has been melting down social media with absolutely astonishing performances run after run. First it was on Monday when the team dropped the hammer and ran a 5.51 at a blistering 274.70. Just when we thought, we that'll be the pass of the week, the team goes out on Tuesday and lays down a 5.50 at a world record 277.99 mph in the quarter mile. No you didn't read that wrong, Ekanoo Racing is knocking on the door of the unobtainable, the 280 mph mark. 

I know that some of you are going to say, well it's only testing, I can tell you from watching the Ekanoo Racing for a while now that they duplicate performance in eliminations like they do testing. There is no super secret, testing only tune going on over there. Team Ekanoo busts their butt to establish a level of excellence that is unrivaled by almost anyone in the industry. 

A big hand has to go to the driver of the car as well. The fact that there is anyone out there with the stones big enough to drive a door car at almost 280 mph has gained the respect of everyone in the industry. A big congrats to Khalid Mohammed, the Ekanoo Racing driver making everyone jealous. Another huge reason for the performance of the Ekanoo Racing car is the Team Manager Haider Koohzad. It's his direction that keeps everything moving forward with this program.

Ekanoo Racing is on the forefront of showing people what thinking outside the box, hiring the right people, spending money in the right places, and having focused determination brings. What it brings is unparalleled performance and world record numbers.  When you have people like Haider Koohzad, Khalid Mohammed, Mikey Rees, Gary White, Josh Ledford, Tim  Davis, Shane Techlenburg, and Jamie Miller are just a few of the top notch people that help Ebrahim Kanoo's car fly. 

As far as companies involved on the car to lay down these numbers, they include the best of the best in the business. Proline Engines, MoTec Engine Management, M&M Transmission and converter by Mark Micke, along with a pair of Precision Turbo 94's. All of this at 2550 lbs.

From what we have heard, stay tuned because in late Feb. there might be some car changes and if they don't have both ends of the record by then, they certainly will after that. 

You can find Ekanoo Racing on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EkanooRacing/ or on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/brn996tt
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