Radial Front Runner Dewayne Mills and the Golden Gorilla switch to Garrett turbos

Photos via Brian "BigSkip" Skipper

No you didn't read that wrong, the one and only Golden Gorilla has made the switch from Precision Turbo to Garrett Turbo. We received word last night of the change. 

Dewayne Mills and the Golden Gorilla has been a front runner in the radial world for years now. He has won the biggest of the big race in Georgia, he has won the NMCA World Championship in Radial Wars, and is a favorite at every track he shows up at. 

Dewayne made the switch in the off season to a hemi in his car and has been working out any bugs in that program, and now he has slapped a new set of twin Garretts on the Camaro. Our sources at the track said that Dewayne made an impressive pass off the trailer at Huntsville. 

Dewayne is in Huntsville this weekend for Zach Jones annual Radial Fest, where he is facing off against some of the baddest of the bad in the radial world. If the off the trailer hit was an indication of future performance, we think Dewayne would be pretty happy moving forward.