They took the record, now they are coming for every penny of that $101,000.00! Tylor Miller goes radial in 2018

This shouldn't come as a surprise, but after some fun jabs back and forth, the time has come that Tylor Miller will be taking the PeeDee Fleet Chevelle and putting on radials. 

For quite a long time, there has been a competition between track owners and managers about who has the quickest radial prepped track in the country. Huntsville was the first one to see a three second radial pass, and in 2017 Darlington Dragway, as of this writing has the title of the quickest radial track in the country. 

Donald Long, and Darlington Dragway manager and guru Jimmy Bradshaw have tossed some friendly jabs back and forth about this since it happened. Make no bones about it though, it's something that Jimmy, Dana, DeeDee, Russell, and the rest of the Darlington team are very proud of. It takes an entire team to make something like that happen too.  

E3xtreme spoke to Russell Miller this afternoon, and he confirmed that they have already started to get everything together to make an all out assault on the radial world. This is not something that Russell has taken lightly though. The PeeDee Fleet Chevelle is still competing for the PDRA Pro Boost championship in 2017. He said that they could make the switch, parts wise right now, but they plan on continuing to concentrate on the PDRA Pro Boost class. 

Andy McCoy, the owner of Andy McCoy Race Cars has been taking care of the four link and other items that need to be addressed to make this happen. Mark Menscer and Menscer Motorsports will be the shocks on the back of the black Chevelle as well. Mark was the obvious choice for this, as he has shown that his shocks can get the radial cars down in record time. 

Russell stated that there will be a different power plant in the car, as they have some things in the works for radial that they feel will make  them a contender. The car will look a touch different as well, since it will be representing Darlington Dragway. When the time comes, we will be heading over to Darlington to photograph and report on the changes. 

Just when you thought there weren't any more cars coming into the radial field, it's time to  add another. Jimmy said that Darlington took the record and now they are coming for Donald's cash too!