A dynamic team is coming together for X275

Chris Wilson and Odie Sturgeon have been friends for years in racing but recently teamed up to take on x275 with their humorously named “AARP of x275” tour. The duo has set out to take on X275 with two brand new builds, a pair of Fifth Gen Camaros.

The idea of both cars began when Chris wanted to build a lighter, more aerodynamic car to contend in X275, as his famous ‘70 Chevelle was too heavy to run consistent numbers. Currently Chris’ new build is being done by the team over at Skyview Racing & Fabrication in Porter, Oklahoma where Josh Gray is finishing the fab work now that the cage is complete on a build that just began November 20th.



Perhaps the biggest news for this build though, is that the car will feature the DiSomma Small Block Ford out of the Bruder Brothers hot rod. The setup will utilize an 80mm Precision Turbo on alcohol. MBE Cylinder Heads will work their magic on this SBF, and the Bruders will be tuning this beast via a brand new FuelTech FT600.




Chris’ Camaro will also feature Menscer shocks, a M&M Transmission from Mark Micke paired with a Neal Chance converter. Jim Hatcher from JCR Wiring in Fort Worth, Texas has been tapped to complete the wiring. All this will send power to the 9.5” Third member came out of Keith Haney’s Enigma.  Chris’ wanted to thank his amazing crew, which includes his wife and longtime supporter Shelley, daughter Jacy and Michael Casey.

“Odie has always talked about building a Fifth Gen Camaro. When I told him we started the build, the little hamster in his head started turning. Lol. Next thing I knew, he talked to Josh at Skyview and his started the next week”, Chris happily says. Odie Sturgeon, who has campaigned his famous red Nova in with the black vinyl top for many years in True 10.5, put that car up for sale to build this Camaro.

Sunset Performance Engines out of Sherman, Texas is building Odie a 582 CI Big Block Nitrous beast with Slick Rick heads and a single stage fogger system from Brandon Switzer. M&M Transmission, along with the new M & M shifter, will bolt up to a ProTorque EV2 converter. Tony Woodard will be the one to harness all that power with his tuning. While at the track, Mike “Bam” Stroope takes care of everything from the pit to the starting line.

Underneath the car, Menscer front struts and double adjustable coil overs for the rear give this Camaro a great ride, while a 9.5” Strange rear end modified by Mike Duffy complete the rear.

Odie hopes to compete in X275, set records and win races in the 3 or so years until he turns 70 and retires from racing. Setting a goal of breaking the Big Block Nitrous World Record in X275 is certainly achievable for this new show-quality Camaro.

“Racing is 80% fun and 20% competitive to me. Every time I set a new personal best, I feel like I’ve won”, says Odie.

And he will tell you, Chris talked him into this build!

The AARP of X275 Duo hope to have the cars completed by March 1st. With their sights set on debuting at Tyler Crossnoe’s Outlaw Street Car Reunion March 23-26 at Memphis International Raceway.

Stay tuned for Part 2