Sunday at World of Wheels

E3xtreme is lucky enough to be located in the middle of everything that happens in the south. On Sunday we made our way over to the Chattanooga Convention Center for the annual World of Wheels show and impressed by what we saw would be an understatement. 

For those that don't know Chattanooga is a mid sized city of about 150K people. It is home to Coker Tire, along with a 15 minute drive to Brainerd Optimist Dragstrip in Ringgold, GA as well as home to one of the best chassis shops in the country, Lyons Custom Motorsports in Rossville, GA. Chattanooga has some great car shows throughout the year along with the World of Wheels show. 

This year we were treated to a huge variety of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and it seemed a lot of in between. One of  the highlights was the presence of the 2015 Ridler Award Winner, built by Chip Foose and owned by Don & Elma Voth. Their 1965 Chevy Impala is an absolute work of art. There was nothing on this car that didn't have the perfect fit or curve to it. 

On the other end of the car spectrum was the NMRA Coyote Modified Mustang owned by Phillip Mcallister from Stevenson, AL. This car is super clean and I have to say I love the color. You would  never be able to tell by walking by that this car that it's an absolute beast. If you get a chance to get to an NMRA race make sure to check out this car.


It's always fun to spend a day in the car world away from the race track, even when we do get the pleasure to speak with the man in charge at Brainerd Optimist Dragstrip Steven Farrow. We got to find out that they have a lot of huge plans their in 2017. Make sure you stay tuned here for the exclusive news as well. In the mean time, check out the link below that has some of the highlights of the day.