Top X275, NMCA, & NMRA Competitor Charles Hull is walking away...for now.

There are those times in your life when you have to determine what is important in life, and drag racers face this challenge even more than most sometimes. This was and is the challenge for one of the top competitors in the sport on those small radials, Mr. Charles Hull. 


Charles has been a staple in the radial world with his Pressurized Solutions built 1992 Mustang. He even competed in both eight mile and quarter mile classes at last years World Street Nationals in Orlando. The performances spoke for themselves as he won one class and went to the finals in the other. 

Then there is the off season as some call it. If you are in drag racing long enough, you know that the term off season is kind of a joke. There isn't a month of the drag racing season where there isn't a race. And there certainly isn't a month where these men and women aren't out in the shop working on something. The problem becomes finding that line between family, work, and racing. For some of us, there is no line, there is no difference between drag racing being work and being pleasure. For others, there is a real solid line, and for Charles that line came this "Off Season".

We spoke to Charles this month about his plans for the 2017 season since there were rumors about him fielding a second car as well in a different class. He told me that enough is enough for right now and it's time to take a step back. I was in absolute shock. Charles is a guy that I expect to see at every single race and now he tells me he's done and the car's up for sale. You heard me right, the car is up for sale. 

Those that follow either the NMCA or NMRA class along with X275 know that Charles, along with a handful of other have become the standard bearers. They go out there time after time and lay down solid consistent numbers.

The money that is spent on a program like Charles' or any other top contender when you figure parts, tuning, traveling, etc can well exceed what most people can even comprehend and that is the reason for this. Charles looked at what it costs not only monetarily, but the time away from work and family, it has just become too much.


Charles, like some others, runs his own business. He is in the business of concrete. So you can imagine that the race season is actually busy time for his business as well. He also has two sons, one in high school and one going into high school next year, as well as his daughter who just graduated high school and is a freshman in college. So you can see how priorities can start to change at that age.  

While the car is up for sale now, Charles has stated that until it sells he will still be out racing. There is no point in letting a front running car sit there and collect dust either. So in the meantime he will run X275 and NMRA races. I wouldn't expect this car to say on the market long though. It's priced to move. And while we hate to see Charles taking a break, we wish him the best in selling the car, as well as racing in the mean time.