Kenny Out, Larry Morgan and Fabian Brown In. ADRL Makes a Change

For the last 9 months or so there has been quite a chasm when it comes to the ADRL. You are either on one side of the fence or the other. There are those that want it gone, and those that are glad it’s back. As of yesterday, there have been more shakeups, and it appears that common ground may be found.

Not sure that much of a back story in regard to the ADRL needs to happen here, as we all know what is reported to have happened and so on. What we are here to tell you is that there has been some organizational restructuring. What that means is that some are out, some have moved, and some have been brought in.

Per the release that we received from the ADRL offices in Florida, former President and original founder of the ADRL, Kenny Nowling and the ADRL have completely separated their ties. Kenny will no longer have any role in the ADRL moving forward.

Replacing Kenny as the man on the mic will be Fabian Brown, beginning with the September race. Those on the east coast know Fabian as the voice at MDIR or MIR as most of us still call it. He has been a long-time mic man at Maryland, along with being a mic man for the IHRA.

The other big position change is at the top of the company. No longer will CEO Jeff Biegun be handling the position of President. That position has been filled by longtime NHRA Pro Stock driver and current NHRA Pro Mod driver Larry Morgan.

“We feel we needed to take a fresh look and approach to the ADRL while it’s still in its infancy after its resurrection late in 2016. The ADRL is evolving after each event and we are finding our niche and learning what works, what doesn’t and which key personnel fit our vision.” stated ADRL CEO Jeff Biegun. “The addition of Larry Morgan as President of the ADRL with his 30 plus years of racing in the NHRA and is well respected in the racing community will create excitement in the racing community. Also the addition of Fabian Brown will give the ADRL fans a wealth of drag racing knowledge as the announcer and MC of the ADRL.”  


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