Ellen Eschenbacher

Most will know Ellen as the woman that everyone comes to with their questions about drag racing. We at E3xtreme know Ellen as the woman who spends more time on the starting line than any other person at the facility. Ellen comes from a heavy background in drag racing. With experiences ranging from ORSCA, NHRA, Radial, & Pro Mod divisions her knowledge is absolutely amazing. You may also notice her behind the camera at the starting line of most events we cover catching some of the best starting line drag racing photos you will see anywhere. Ellen handles all the day to day operations at E3xtreme. If you would like to contact her you can do so at E3xtremeMedia@gmail.com as well as phone at 317-719-9672




Damon Steinke

Damon has been on the scene for about 6 years now as a photographer. With that said he is certainly not new to drag racing. As a fan of old school pro street racing at Great Lakes Dragaway in the early 90's to racing in his Mustang in NMRA from '02 to '08. Damon is the lead photographer at E3xtreme as well as handling the technical aspects of E3xtreme. E3xtremeMedia@gmail.com or you can contact directly at 608-712-6900


Axel Foley

Axel is the Shipping Manager. Axel came on board with E3xtreme a little under a year ago. He is quite the hands on employee and always seems to be taking his job to the extreme. Unfortunately, we do not have contact information for Axel since he prefers face to face interaction.