Pro Torque teams with Boninfante Friction on the EV-1

Yesterday, January 15th, Joe from Pro Torque announced that he had teamed up with Boninfante Friction on some driveline products, including the new EV-1 Converter. 

Most know Joe as the brash New Yorker that has been the face of Pro Torque converters for years. Joe can be seen at most big races, along with being a sponsor at a lot of events. Never one to rest on his merits, Joe teamed with Boninfante to create the EV-1 converter. 

Here is the press release from Pro Torque in regards to the EV-1

Medford, NY – January 15, 2018 – ProTorque Performance Products, the world’s leading performance torque converter manufacturer, has teamed up with Boninfante Friction, the unrivaled top fuel clutch manufacturer, to co-develop driveline products and the result is the revolutionary Pro EV-1 torque converter.
The ProTorque Performance Products Pro EV-1 torque converter utilizes technology from both top fuel and doorslammer drag racing to deliver “best of both worlds” performance. For race teams that are looking for the ultimate competitive advantage, the Pro EV-1 torque converter offers that edge. A modular torque converter system designed to work with lock-up transmissions such as the TH400, Bruno Lenco, and US drive, the Pro EV-1 pairs perfectly with many of the most heavily-used and proven transmissions on the market.
ProTorque’s highly specialized Pro EV-1 torque converter will be offered in both lock-up and non lock-up configurations, and will use many of the same parts, including stators and pumps, as the existing EV-1 product line. The new Pro EV-1 will deliver unmatched performance and superior versatility by allowing teams to run either configuration with the same transmission.
The ProTorque Performance Products Pro EV-1 gives tuners even more options in a sport where power management and tuning are the fine line between a world record and smoking the tires. Don’t risk getting left behind – call (631) 218-8700 for more information or to order a Pro EV-1 torque converter today.

Knowing Joe and his desire to dominate the industry, there is little doubt that this converter spent a lot of time in the R&D booth and in testing. Pro Torque is known world wide as a record setting converter company, and it appears that the EV-1 is just the next step in that journey. We hope to be able to sit down with Joe at Lights Out 9 and further discuss this, along with any other products he has coming down the pipe that we can get you information on.