Pro Mod & Radial Star Keith Haney Unveils "Black Mamba"

In a world where unveiling a new car never seems to happen anymore due to social media, Keith made sure that he was able to unveil his new Radial/Pro Mod today in St. Louis.

The car is a Bickel built, lightweight titanium piece that will be powered by a Musi nitrous combination. Keith stated that it is the lightest build possible, and now with Musi on board, Keith plans on taking the world by storm in both Pro Mod and radial. The car is controlled by a MoTec system as well.

Keith is the Founder of the Midwest Pro-Mod Series, of which his is also a 2x Champion, winning both the radial class and the pro mod class in 2017. Come 2020, his plan is to be right back on top again. Stay tuned to E3xtreme for future news on the car and it’s performances.