Pro Mod Rule Change Time

Tis’ the season for rule changes, and NHRA is no exception.

This is certainly not the first time that we have seen some controversy when it comes to rule changes in the NHRA Pro Mod series, it came to me (Damon) as an actual surprise. Below are the way that the rules read now, but to summarize it for you, the Blower cars are going from 16.5% Overdrive to 14.55% Overdrive. On the turbo side of the rules, they are losing another 3lbs of boost. Going from 36psi to 33psi. That means in the last couple of years they have lost 5psi. There are no changes to the nitrous combinations at this time it appears.

Now before you start spouting off stupid opinions, please realize that this is an attempt to slow cars down, and keep parity within the class. No, this is not going to kill the class. No the class is not dying off. No, other other series aren’t going to switch to quarter mile. Yes there will be more changes for 2020. NHRA makes the rules, not the RPM Organization.

Stay tuned to E3xtreme for your NHRA Pro Mod news.

SECTION 6: E3 SPRK PLUGS NHRA PRO MOD DRAG RACING SERIES PRESENTED BY J&A SERVICE, ENGINE:1, SUPERCHARGER (Page 3) Screw-type and centrifugal-type superchargers prohibited. Hi-helix or standard helix Roots-type supercharger only. Supercharger restraint system meeting SFI Spec 14.2, including injector restraint straps mandatory. Cast or billet cases permitted. Maximum supercharger overdrive limit is 16.5 14.55 percent on all combinations. Intercoolers, variable multispeed supercharger devices prohibited. The top opening of the supercharger may not exceed 12 inches in length or 5 inches in width. The entire inlet opening must be on/in the upper surface only. The maximum length from the front of the supercharger drive pulley to the leading edge of the rotor is 15 inches. Offset drive pulleys, spacers, modified cases, or attaching methods may not be used to add to the 15-inch maximum. All manifold configurations, supercharger modifications and locations must be accepted prior to competition. The rotors must be driven from the front (both the external drive and the internal gearing. Any inlet/outlet cavity in front of the rotors is restricted to a maximum of 3.000 inches measuring from the face of the bearing plate to the front of the cavity. Supercharger openings must be fixed from the water box until the conclusion of the run. See General Regulations 1:10, 1:11.

SECTION 6: E3 SPRK PLUGS NHRA PRO MOD DRAG RACING SERIES PRESENTED BY J&A SERVICE, ENGINE:1, turbocharger (Page 3) Twin turbochargers limited to 88mm each. Turbocharger size will be verified by measuring the housing bore at the leading edge of the impeller wheel. The 2019 NHRA RULE AMENDMENTS 17 maximum diameter of the housing bore at the leading edge of the wheel may not exceed 2mm more than the maximum allowable turbocharger size permitted. All turbochargers must meet SFI Spec 61.1. Air-to-air or water-to-air intercoolers prohibited. Boost controller manufactured by Hyperaktive Performance Solutions, part No. PMBL mandatory. No other boost controller or form of boost control permitted. Must be installed per manufacturer’s instructions as documented on NHRA Accepted Products, NHRA Accepted Product Specifications, Pro Mod, Hyperkontrol Boost System Installation and Operation Manual. Any modification to or any attempt to disable or defeat the boost controller is prohibited. Any attempt to corrupt or delete data associated with the boost controller is prohibited. Maximum boost may only be set by NHRA officials. Boost Pressure Limit: 36 33 psi