Murder Nova & Daddy Dave Join Mid-West Pro Mod at XRP

Something that you most likely thought you’d never hear in the same sentence is Daddy Dave, Murder Nova, and Pro Mods. Well this weekend at Xtreme Raceway Park, that is exactly what is happening.

While there are a lot of Street Outlaws making the trip to Idaho this weekend for the next stop on the NPK schedule, Dave decided not to make the drive. Both he and Shawn made the short drive to Ferris, TX. and have decided to enter the pro mod class.

Now before you all lose your damn minds, they are both well aware of their car’s ability, and they know that running 3.70’s is most likely not in the cards at any point. They made the decision to just come and have some fun with the premiere eighth mile pro mod organization in the world. Last night we witnessed them both line up side by side with 3.60’s capable cars.

After it was announced that the tow would be coming to play in Mid-West Pro Mods there were the usual, uneducated morons and twiddle twits that have their opinions. Most of which were so stupid that it literally hurt my head to read them. The fact is that by having two superstars like Shawn and Dave come over, it brings new fans to not only them, but new fans to the Mid-West Pro Mod Series. It also is great for the track. I have to give both of them a ton of credit for coming out and playing with some of the quickest pro mods in the world.

I was able to see how Dave and Shawn interact with the fans, and like I have said before, these guys “get it” and it shows when you are near their pits. They are always making time for the fans, signing autographs, and not being douche canoes like I see from other drivers of their stature.

In case you were wondering after three rounds of qualifying how the two of them are doing, well they are both running like brackets cars. Shawn has the higher qualifying spot with a 4.13, but Dave is right there with a 4.15 and Dave certainly has the MPH at 187+ MPH. There is a lot of potential in both these rides. They will have one more qualifier tonight, before heading into eliminations.

On a personal note, I’d like to commend both Shawn and David for making the trip. I am sure they take a ton of flack from the idiot gallery for things from racing on a prepped track, to lighting the boards, racing with pro mods, and so much more. They certainly could have stayed home and not stepped out of their comfort zone. For all that they should be commended.