No Mercy X is out at SGMP!

As it goes, yet again Donald Long decided to break the internet today with an announcement stating that No Mercy Ten will not be contested at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

Immediately, we were in touch with Donald to discuss this development and what his future plans for not only No Mercy, but also Lights Out and Sweet Sixteen were. I had a conversation about the situation, and he stated that in fact the race will not be at SGMP.

There are other locations that are being considered at this time. We did talk about some locations, as well as the dates and whether that would be moved , but there has been no decision on that front either. To some, this announcement comes as no surprise (including myself), but to others, you can tell just based on the response on social media that it was like the world was ending.

This is not the first time that a major event has decided to move locations. If you remember ten years back when World Ford Challenge decided to move from St. Louis to Indy. The difference is that Donald actually knows what the hell he is doing, and surrounds himself with an amazing team of people to keep this freight train moving forward.

Donald did state that this is a business decision and that when there is more information to discuss he will call me so that we can bring it to you. Coming off of what is arguably one of the best door slammer drag races ever held, he is going to take a day or two to recoup and get his bearings before moving forward.

I think it will be an exciting change for all those involved and we at E3xtreme look forward to sitting down with Donald and bringing you the entire story, along with his plans for the future very soon.