The Twilight Zone? Angelle Sampey joins Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson team.

Now there is the silly season in NHRA during the off season and then there are news worthy items that you sit back and say WTF, did that really just happen?

Well this was the case on Friday when I got word that Angelle had joined the Vance and Hines HD Team. I thought that it might be an early April Fools joke, there is no way that she joined forces with he greatest enemy. Well, I was wrong this time, and in fact Angelle has teamed up with Eddie and Andrew.

Now, before your start getting all excited about seeing a three bike team for the 2019 season that has a combined 12 World Championships and 130+ National Event Wins, I want to make something abundantly clear. This is in fact a trial run for Angelle. She will compete at the Gators, Charlotte Four-Wide, Vegas Four-Wide, and Atlanta. That is all the scheduling that has been released in regards to her running with the team.

It is certainly great for the sport to have such an accomplished rider, with such a large fan base out there riding in early 2019 and wee hope that it continues through the entire season. Angelle stated in her discussion with NHRA that “It’s surreal to be getting ready to race one of these Harleys after lining up against them for so many years,” said Sampey on news of the announcement. “I’m so motivated to get out there and see what I can do on the same bike as Eddie and Drew.”

Here is to an exciting 2019 of drag racing!