Cruz Pedregon Makes some Pre-Season Announcements

Since we are rapidly coming up on the 2019 test session for the nitro cars on the west coast, Cruz took to social media today & addressed what his 2019 season will look like.

The first announcement was that Cruz will be tuning his own car this year. Last year, Cruz started the season with Aaron Brooks turning the knobs and adjusting the data. A change was made mid-season when Tommy DeLago was brought in to take over for Aaron. At the end of the season, Tommy and Cruz parted ways, and Cruz decided to take back over control of the tuning duties.


Cruz then went on to say that he will no longer be running a Toyota body. He is making the move to a Dodge Charger. Stating that he appreciated his time with Toyota and is looking forward to being on board with Dodge moving forward. Everything will have a brand-new paint scheme on the car, all three haulers, and his 44’ enclosed trailer. The scheme will be released or should be released during testing.

Glen Huszar will be the crew chief for the Snap-On Dodge Charger in 2019. Even though Cruz will handle the tuning duties and handled the tuning duties from 2010-2016. Glen will oversee a lot of the things outside the tuning duties. This will allow for Cruz to just concentrate on tuning and driving.

Nick Casertano from the Tasca team has been added to the team as an assistant to Glen. His title will be Assistant Crew Chief.

 Some new sponsors include Siberian Coolers & Tru-Spec Tactical Pants