E3Xtreme Photo Feature: Bowser rolls into 2019 ready to Bow Up on the N/T World

Pocket Rocket is the best way that I can personally describe the McCain Family N/T hotrod named Bowser. This 1971 Datsun 1200 B110 that DJ drives is one of the most well-known cars in the small block nitrous game, and that is one of the reasons that I stepped out of my comfort zone in learning about the car, the family, and the N/T game. I must preface this article by telling you that we had a great time shooting this car, and as you can see by the photos, we managed to get the shoot done right before the entire sky opened and dumped on us.

The drag racing community has always been known as a family, and the sport as a family friendly sport. The McCain family really takes this to a whole new level though. D.J. is the wheelman with the Datsun, while his brother Ryan why runs his own tuning service handles all the laptop work. The car is owned by Lester McCain and the McCain family. So, as you can see, the entire family plays a very import role in the success of the car.

Let’s talk about this Datsun. I learned in doing this article that the car was originally a daily driver in the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico. In its previous incarnation the car sported a rotary engine, but that all changed when the car went to NRC Motorsports and received a complete LS Swap. Locally represented Abby’s Performance Racing Engines. It now is rocking an LSX based small block. BTR (Brian Tooley Racing) sponsors the setup with a nitrous kit jetted for about a fiddy shot helping to get the little Datsun to the finish line. The short block is stuffed with some of the best in the business though. Cam Motion custom grind bumpstick, all while a set of custom MGP rods and custom Diamond Pistons connect to a Callies Crank to make it all work.

Top-end engine porn is on tap here as well. While the bottom-end runs stellar components, there is no shortage of that as well. A CID intake Manifold sits atop Area 51 heads. The heads just happen to be filled with none other than Jesel Rockers. Hanging off the front of that sexy manifold is a Wilson Manifold Fat Mouth throttle body, but more importantly the intake is plumbed with an Nitrous Express custom fogger kit for that fiddy shot.

This is the 21st century where everything is controlled by computers. In the drag racing world, it’s the same way. Holley was the company chosen to handle all the fuel delivery and tuning. If you were to make a wish list from the Holley EFI catalog, there is a good chance that Bowser sports it. Whether it is the Dominator ECU, injectors, fuel pump, regulator, fuel filters, harness, and even the Holley EFI 7” dash. To go along with all that hardware are G Spot Shock Sensors, an ARC-8000 switch panel, and a GO Lithium Battery.

Bowser has all this power, but you certainly aren’t going anywhere unless you can plant it and move in a forward direction. It should come as no surprise that the leader in small tire shock suspension, Mark Menscer at Menscer Motorsports handled the custom valved shocks that sit on each of the four corners. The Menscers make sure that the Sanders rear wheels and Billet Specialties front wheels blasting towards the 660’. Lester makes sure that Dj is safe when he is strapped in as Bowser is sporting a 25.1e chassis cert also.

Unfortunately, Dj wasn’t able to be there when we did our photo shoot, so that is why he isn’t in the team photo. I specifically asked Ryan who else he would like to thank regarding their program:

               “Would like to thank everyone involved in lending a hand to get this thing to Lights Out 10 and I’m sure it’s a list I people I will leave out! The guys are Brian Tooley Racing (Logan, Brian, Clifton), Diamond Racing Pistons for cranking out pistons and working with MGP to get custom rods made in 2 weeks (Mike Campbell), NRC Motorsports for completing the winter upgrades (Bob and Jay), 2 Key’s Paint and Body (Neil and Crew) for getting the car painted and doing some magical upgrades, Nitrous Express for supplying any parts needed, Anonyms sponsors for sponsoring Profab Projacks, Mo’s Speed Shop (Bryan Lil Mo Morris) for getting the wind delete kit done overnight, my crew for supplying a hand testing (Nick, Mark, Travis, Phil, Eric, Rodney), Jimmy Bradshaw for giving us a surface to private test on, Steve at RJS Racing for sponsoring a radios, brand new sfi 15 suit and all other safety equipment needed! I’m sure I’ve left out some!”


The McCain’s also wanted to make sure that they got some shoutouts to their sponsors which include: Brian Tooley Racing, Carolina N/T Small Tire Racing Productions, RJS Racing Equipment, Diamond Pistons, Nitrous Express, Cameron’s Torque Converter Service, Menscer Motorsports, The Driveshaft Shop, and Holley Efi.

The McCain’s had some issues last night, but you can put money on the fact that they will do everything to get Bowser to the line every time and give whoever they a running against one hell of a race to the stripe. I personally want to thank Ryan, Lester, and the rest of the McCain family for letting E3xtreme do this feature and bring Bowser to the rest of the world.