Feature: Powered by Shine...X275's John Keesey

As the one and only Rodney Dangerfield would say. “I get no respect”, and that’s about what it seems like for X275’s John Keesey.

John has been a part of drag racing for a long time, yet no one seems to pay attention to what he is doing or what his accomplishments are. Well that changes today folks. I had the opportunity here in Georgia to drag John’s car up to the top end and do some modeling. As you can see, this beautiful foxbody Mustang certainly loves the camera.

When it comes to accomplishments within drag racing, John said that the biggest highlight for him was his win at Lightest Out 9 against what was arguably one of the toughest X275 fields in the history of the class. What about John though? John is the owner of Keesey’s Airport Automotive in Coatsville, PA.He accredits his success and strength to his, as he puts it, “Smokin’ Hot Wife” Deneen. Along with his son John and daughter Alexis. They are the rocks in his world and make this all work.

Now I know that you are wanting for details on this badass hotrod. Well, let’s start off with the fact that it was born as a 1989 Ford Mustang. The chassis builder is none other than Wolfe Race Craft. It’s what under the hood that is set to impress. The powerplant features the fastest stock value angle highport in the world. A 400cid SBF beast built by Bennett Racing. Bolted upfront is a Forced Inductions 88mm Turbo to make all that power. All the engine management is handled by an intricate system from Haltech. None of that matters if you can’t move it to the back of the car though. So for that, John relies on ATF Speed out of Florida and their transmission, along with their big shaft lock up. Once the power is transferred to the back, it’s planted to the ground via Menscer Motorsports shocks along with Race Craft suspension components. All of this combined has sent to car to a blistering 4.35 at 167mph as a career-best.

There are some other people and sponsors that John wanted to thank before I wrap this all up and you look at the rest of the gallery. John wanted to thank Justin McChesney, John Kolivas, and Victor at Haltech. He also wanted to give a shoutout to his sponsors: KBX, ATF Speed, Bennett Racing Engines, Haltech, Forced Inductions Turbos, Racewires, Salvato Designs, RaceCraft, and Pressurized Solutions.

Look for John to be in the mix this weekend at No Mercy X at South Georgia Motorsports Park, and you can find and follow John at Full Force Racing on Facebook and Instagram.