Joe Charles 2016 GT350

What you see here is what most in the Mustang community would call a must have. This is Joe's brand new 2016 Mustang GT350. To call this a car would be a disgrace. What we actually see here is a piece of art and E3xtreme was lucky enough to be with Joe the day he took delivery of the car

A little background on Joe though. Joe has been part of the Mustang community for quite a long time. He used to sling race parts back in the day, before deciding to open what turned out to be a very successful Mattress store in Rome, GA called the Big Mattress Outlet. Joe is also a previous NMRA World Champion drag racer. He campaigned his previous Mustang to a Championship in Coyote Stock. 


In 2015 Joe decided to move away from campaigning his Mustang in the NMRA to focus more on the business with his wife Kelly. Joe moved forward in selling the race car to another former NMRA World Champion, Tim Matherly, the owner of MV Performance in Winder, GA. While all of this was going on, Joe and Kelly decided it was time to expand the business, and did just that with the opening of their second store in Calhoun, GA. With even more on his plate than ever before, being at the race track as much just wasn't an option. 



Joe knew he needed his Mustang fix even if it wasn't always at the drag strip though. He went ahead and ordered this yellow beauty that you see here. And of course, Joe being Joe couldn't leave well enough alone when he picked up the car either. Within weeks of picking the car up he was already addressing modifications that he wanted. 





First on the list was an exhaust, and he knew exactly where to go. Kooks was the only exhaust that was going on this beast and that's exactly what it received. A full front to back Kooks exhaust lets everyone know who's coming down the road. The next mod that Joe wanted was to increase the air intake on the 5.2 liter flat plane-cranked monster. He turned to none other than JLT for their cold air intake. Now Joe needed to make sure everything was set right where it needed to be, Joe has a nGauge Tuner to control the tuning aspect. 



Joe does still enjoy going fast obviously, but now it's at his leisure, when time permits. Joe has done some standing MPH events along with competing back in his old stomping grounds at the NMRA/NMCA race in Atlanta where he competed in True Street. To make sure he looks good whether running a mile, a quarter mile, or even to the Mattress Outlet, Joe utilized Glasslife Atlanta to apply a ceramic coating to the car as well.  

Coming up in the near future, we at E3xtreme will be visiting Joe again to do a full shoot since all the modifications have been completed. Make sure to check back for that, and make sure if you are in the Calhoun or Rome, GA area that you stop and see Kelly & Joe at The Big Mattress Outlet.