NMCA/NMRA Kicks off the 14th Annual Superbowl this weekend in Joliet

If you are a drag racing fan, this is really the weekend for you in Joliet, Illinois. What is arguably the biggest race ever for the combined series, always brings out new cars, hot racing, and an amazing car show.

It doesn’t matter is you are a Mopar, Chevy, or Ford fan, there is something for everyone from age 8-80 this weekend. As usual, the huge highlight is going to be the potential of watching 25+ pro mods on the property fighting for the top 16 spots in qualifying. Add that to the fact that some of the biggest hitters in the X275 world are on the property to show what you can do on those tiny radial tires.

Are you a naturally aspirated fan? Well there is the N/A 10.5 class for you, along with what in my opinion in the most exciting class in drag racing today, that being Coyote Stock. Do a look back and you will see the multiple articles I have done about that class. Let us not forget about Factory Stock as well.

Have you ever watched the amazing factory super cars, with 7 second performances, carry the wheels out to 200’? Well, you are in luck, they are here this weekend as well. It is only Thursday and the pits have been filling up since the gates opened at 8 am. It doesn’t appear that will slow down anytime soon either.

Joliet is one of the most iconic dragstrips in the world, and the NMRA/NMCA combo event is a staple of not only Joliet, but of drag racing in general. Whether it is the only days of Pro 5.0 or the current time of Pro Mod’s putting on the show, it is something that you can’t appreciate until you feel it in your chest, you smell it with your nose, and see it with your eyes. This racing will tickle all your senses, and leave you constantly wanting more.

If you are anywhere in the midwest, the only place to be this weekend is in Joliet. We will be here all weekend to cover the action for you thanks to our awesome coverage sponsors: Menscer Motorsports, Garrett Advancing Motion, HPL Oil, UPR Products, Walsh Motorsports, Proformance Racing Transmissions, and Pro Tree Race Cars.