The back half of the 2019 season is upon us...Who's Getting GAPP'd?

Well folks, it is about that time of year. We are rolling into the back half of the 2019 drag racing season. There are plenty of highlights and low lights to look back upon, along with looking for to what the rest of the season brings.

Typically for us the season kicks off in January at Bradenton for the U.S. Street Nationals, and this year was no exception. It was down right cold for this Midwesterner when I was there. Victor has done a great job since taking over there, and I know for a fact that 2020 is looking to be the biggest year in that event’s history. That is exactly where the 2020 season will kick off.

More about this year though. In the first half of this season, we have seen records, rainouts, celebrations, and heartache. We have seen promoters piss off the masses, and we have seen “photographers” make themselves look like complete morons. Something else that happened was me admitting that I was wrong about the No Prep scene. Hell must have frozen over.

The thing that I saw the most of in the first 7 months of the season though was amazing drag racing and a continued family atmosphere. I have seen some of the best side by side drag racing ever this season. Also, I saw a first for me, and it ended up happening a few times this year, and that was when the scoreboard lit up identical times to the third number. I can understand seeing it in bracket racing, but not with cars like Pro Mods. The side by side tightness that I have seen in Radial racing, NHRA, PDRA, MWPMS, No Prep, and everything across the board has been nothing short of blissful for me and the rest of the drag racing community.

So what does that leave us for the rest of this year? Traditionally, Labor Day weekend kicks off an exciting back half to the season. The championships are up for grabs, the weather cools off enough to watch for records, and there are so many exciting races. There are tight races in most NHRA classes still, and with the countdown format, Steve Torrance is going to see his dominating and monstrous points lead dwindle after Indy. In the Mid-West Pro Mod Series, there are tight points battles for Pro Mod, Top Sportsman, and Top Dragster. Over in the PDRA, there are no less than a handful of classes where the points race could come down to the final event of the season. Let us not forget that NMRA has one race left before they crown their champions in October, and two NMCA races left, which there are still tight points chases there also. And what about NPK? With the early exit of Lizzy Musi last week in Joliet, and another great showing by Kye, it really is a three driver chase since Ryan Martin was able to secure the win.

Added to the excitement are so many wonderful races that happen in the fall. Not just the regular points series stuff. Just off the top of my head you have races like YellowBullet Nationals, Shakedown, No Mercy, World Street Nationals, Snowbirds, No Guts No Glory, Meltdown, World Cup, and that’s just to name a few. The fall part of the season is jammed packed with races to go to from Labor Day to Christmas. Let’s not forget that Keith Haney and the Mid-West Pro Mod Series is running a 16 car invitational at the NHRA Dallas event as well. So no matter your flavor, there is something for you to go watch and be a part of.

While I am at it, I am going to go out on a limb and make some fall predictions. First off, I think that the YellowBullet Nationals will have a record crowd this year. Next, I believe that the chase for 3.50’s on nitrous and radials will be settled at No Mercy, with both Jamie and Marcus leaving the event having accomplished that. Third, I believe that Steve Jackson will be crowned the 2019 NHRA Pro Mod Champion. Fourth, I believe that John Force will win another race this season. Fifth, I believe that the NPK Championship will come down to Ryan, Lizzy, and Kye, and they will all be separated by less than 15 points. Next, I don’t believe you will see a new record in RvW this yeat. Lastly, I think that the end of 2019 will bring some of the best damn racing you have ever witnessed.

Personally, I love the fall weather and drag racing in hoodie weather. I look forward to more exciting racing, championship battles, and the joy that drag racing is to its drivers, promoters, fans, media, crew, and all those involved. We at E3xtreme will continue to do the best that we can to bring you all the action this fall as well. So stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing, and we will see you all soon.