Back From The Dead...DMC Racing Resurrects the Buick

There are too many times that we talk about cars rising from the dead, but this is a prime example of a car that rose from the ashes, literally from the ashes, after a terrible fire just about ended this cars existence.

The Buick, as a lot of us have known the car as, was in fact the Buick that David DeMarco took on the drag racing world with. Over the years it took on many different lives though. Whether it was a blower, a single turbo, or twin turbos, the Buick was one to be feared. That all came to a halt a while back though.

David had made the decision to sell the Buick so that he could concentrate on his new big tire project, which most know now is a Pro Mod Camaro being built over at DMC Racing, by the infamous chassis builder extraordinaire, Dennis MacPherson. Once the car had been sold, the plan was to get some seat time for the new driver so that he could run RvW with the car. Unfortunately, as you can see below, not everything goes as planned. There was a mechanical failure that caused a fire, and the fire ended up causing catastrophic damages to the Buick.

Most of you will say, well it’s just a car, and to most people you would be 100% correct. This was not “just a car” to the DeMarco Family, the MacPherson Family, or the new owner though. It was devastating to get the call from Dennis about the incident, which we had initially reported on when it occurred. The Buick was a car that the DeMarco’s and Dennis had put thousands of hours into. It was a family member, and the pain was real.

Luckily, the current owner of the car was able to convince Dennis to put hundreds if not thousands of hours back into the Buick in an effort to bring it back to life. Well, after a ridiculous amount of work, the car is back on all four and ready to make some hits. While we have not been able to speak to the owner of the car, our assumption is that he still plans on running RvW with the Buick in the future.  When he does, we will be sure to bring that to you.

So a huge congratulations goes out to Dennis MacPherson at DMC Racing, along with everyone else that was involved in bringing this car back from the depths of hell.