Keith Haney Announces a $50,000.00 to Win Pro Mod Event!

Keith Haney, the founder of the Mid-West Pro Mod Series announces a $50k to win pro mod race later this season.

While all the details are still being ironed out, Keith Haney, the Founder of the Mid-West Pro Mod Series announced last night that they will be putting on a $50,000.00 to win pro mod race later this year. This will be an open event where 50 Pro Mods are going to be allowed to compete. It will not be closed off to only MWPMS drivers though. Keith stated that others will be allowed, but those that don’t follow the MWPMS on a regular basis will have a larger entry fee than those that race and support the MWPMS monthly.

 Keith is no stranger to putting on a great event, as was evident by the crowds that packed the stands at this home track, Tulsa Raceway Park in May. While a host track has not been announced for this event, you can bet that Keith will know how to get asses in the seats, and cars in the pits. A major sponsor is behind the push to make this event happen. They reached out to Keith to make this happen as they are extremely impressed with the success and diversity of Pro Mods within the MWPMS.

Currently there are three tracks in the running to host the event. The date for the event has not been nailed down yet but expect it to be later in the year. While there is going to be $50,000.00 up for grabs, there will also be another $15,000.00 up for grabs in the second chance race. It appears there will be live feed of the event as well, but no details at this time on that. 

Being a very successful businessman has given Keith the ability to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to promoting a race. The marketing that he has put into his series has paid dividends to the racers that compete in the series as well. This is almost icing on the cake if you will. A chance for the racers that have busted their asses all season will now have a shot at taking home a big wad of cash to apply towards their 2019 program.

E3xtreme, more importantly E3xtreme Co-Founder Ellen Eschenbacher will be assisting Keith with getting racers all the information they will need as soon as it becomes available. As usual, E3xtreme will also be attending this race to bring you live coverage and the most extensive photo coverage of the event. So, stay tuned to E3xtreme for all your MWPMS information, along with this amazing $50,000.00 to win Pro Mod event.