Pro Mod Rockstar Adam Flamholc & Chris Duncan Race Cars get ready for Bradenton (Video Included)

The Swedish Superstar Adam Flamholc had a pretty tough crash last season at Joliet during the NMCA/NMRA Superbowl event. The car went to Chris Duncan Race Cars so that Chris, Jonas, and the rest of the crew could handle bringing it back to life. 

We received a message from Adam today, actually a video of the CDRC team firing up Adam's Vette. This is something that has been months in the process, but unlike others, the CDRC team are absolute perfectionist. 

Adam said that he will be in Bradenton next weekend with the Vette to compete at the U.S. Street Nationals. This will be the first track time that the car will have seen the track since July of 2017. This will also be Adam's first race since late last summer. 

Some many know that Adam went through some serious health issues after the crash and took some well needed time off, while having Kristian Nystrom handle some driving duties at the end of 2017. Adam says it's been almost five months since he has raced and he is ready to get back into the seat. He will have Frank Beal and 5 Day Plantation Shutter and Blinds on board again this season as well. 


There are very few people on the planet that have raced pro mod in as many different places as Adam. Being a former FIA Pro Mod World Champ, and has made runs in Russian, and is a standout in the United States as well. 

We will keep you up to date on Adam's progress, and make sure to check out Chris Duncan Race Cars for some seriously top notch work.