ADRL makes the decision to go 1000' for 2017

As reported earlier today by Drag Radial Media (, the decision has been made that all classes in ADRL will be run to 1000' instead of the 660' or 1320' standard. We have in fact verified this with the ADRL CEO Kenny Nowling. 

We at E3xtreme reached out to CEO Kenny Nowling for exact confirmation on this and he has confirmed that the 1000' is fact. He stated that this allows the NHRA legal pro mods that still run quarter mile to run with them without much setup change. This will also allow the current 1/8th mile pro mods to run it to a thousand feet as well. 

While I personally don't agree with the decision, and I did let Kenny know that, the way Kenny explained it to me makes sense. We will see how this affects the draw, or if it affects the draw at all. Kenny feels that NHRA will eventually make the move to 1000' in all class so this is just a progression towards that. 

Stay tuned to E3xtreme for further ADRL information as it comes up.