Wrap up of the 1st ever ModNationals

This sunny Labor Day weekend marked the first ever Mod Nationals race presented by Accufab held at Memphis International Raceway. A race for Ford Modular Motor powered vehicles (and LS cars in the Mod vs LS class). Unfortunately the Tennessee sun brought with it high humidity and high temps which caused a lot of headaches for a lot of teams.

Friday was spent running Test 'N' Tune and grudge racing all day. In the heat of the day Darin Hendricks went for a wild ride putting his Coyote powered Foxbody up on the rear bumper. 

Saturday marked the start of some close qualifying. John Mihovetz, in his 5 second 4V powered Mustang  made a couple of passes in his first trip over the Mississippi. He ended up swapping to some 10.5 slicks because he wasn't getting the wheel speed he needed with the larger slicks. 


Sunday brought on the eliminations. Some close races with some seriously fast modular powered cars. Ultimately leading to Thea Zacanella winning Mod Outlaw in her beautiful blue Precision Turbo New Edge Cobra over Ronnie Diaz aka The Modfather,. Jake Conant was crowned "King of the 4V". NMRA Coyote Stock standout and most recent class winner


Tim Matherly, took the win in Coyote Stock. Lance Rainey took home win in the Boosted Coyote class. Ronnie Reynolds came out on top of the Mod vs. LS class in his White 5th gen S197 Mustang GT. Other winners included Joe Holt in Open Comp, Ram Miranda in Mod Truck, Michah Monteleone in the Underdog 2V vs 3V, along with the one and only Alejandro Flores better known as Yolodouchebag bringing home the win in the Driver Mod class. 

It was all orchestrated by Justin Young. Justin has stated that he was pleased with the way this event went and plans to make this an annual event as well. For anyone that knows racing, the first event is always the toughest. We wish Justin good luck with the future events and we as E3xtreme will bring you all the action from those events as well. 

We would like to thank our coverage partners. KBX, Racewires, & Leaf Spring Nation as well.