Saturday at the Bullet

While recovering from Friday and some jaw dropping numbers, we didn't get much of a chance to catch our breath before see more amazing numbers on Saturday, including more jaw dropping performances in Ultra Street, a Pro Mod class where the top two qualifiers were separated by .005 and it was a nitrous car on top. 

The big news on Saturday was the top men on the property pulling double duties by racing two different classes were also the two men sitting atop the Pro Mod class at the end of Saturday's qualifying. Mean Dean Marinis & Kevin "Flash" Fiscus were the leaders in Pro Mod, with Dean edging out Kevin 3.784 to Kevin's 3.789. Unfortunately at the end of day Kevin's car would no longer be able to compete. At the end of Q3 his Proline Powered 481x let go. Repairs were not going to happen due to the extent of damages. He is still in the 10.5/Radial class though. 

In Ultra we again saw the numbers set low. Shawn Pevlor came out after running a 4.70 Friday night and turned it down to a 4.69. Other heavy hitters like Alex Hays & Joel Greathouse were still running great numbers as well. Troy Pirez Jr. also made a career best pass on Saturday 4.76. In another moment in Ultra, Ronnie Rhodes had to cut his weekend short when his better half went into labor and it was baby time. We at E3xtreme are wishing them the best on parenthood as well. 

Should we call him Grandpa Rhodes now? Well at the top of the X275 field after 3 rounds of qualifying it was Ultra Street driver Ronnie Rhodes dad and one of X275 heaviest hitters Ron Rhodes in his beautiful red Camaro. Number one was a 4.426. X275 is a 32 car field this weekend and there were 34 to make the sheet.

Once the sun went down, the radial cars came out in full force in 10.5 vs Radial. Joe Albrecht still sat atop the field with a best of a 4.006 in the GTO. The big shock to some was that Kevin "Flash" Fiscus dropped the hammer in the FKR radial car and cracked off a 4.03 to put him in at #4. Dale Collins was also broken so he wasn't able to make the call on Sunday. 

We will bring you more photos than your eyes can handle coming on Monday. For now stay tuned for updates and we will bring you everything you need to know.