Pro Stock Makes the call to Small Tire Tuners

The 2016 NHRA Pro Stock season has been the Greg and Jason show so far, but it looks like it's finally making some strides to change that. The NHRA Pro Stock teams have started making calls to the small tire world in an attempt to get the EFI programs just right. 

While Greg and Jason have absolutely dominated the field this season in the Summit Racing sponsored Camaros, it appears that the tide is changing. Last weekend at Bristol during the NHRA event there were multiple tuners from the small tire world there working with teams. 

The biggest surprise was that one of the most recognizable names in all of small tire, Stevie Fast Jackson was spotted in the pits of the 2X back to back World Champion Erica Enders. While most would think Stevie was just hanging out, the fact is that he was there as the team EFI consultant. 


Stevie was not the only big name there either. V. Gaines also was relying on an old school outlaw 10.5 guy named Mr. Mike Moran. That's right, the one and only Mike Moran was tapped to help V. get his EFI program moving forward. According to V. he's feeling great about the strides that they made as well. 



In another surprise, one of the most talented drivers in the NHRA, Dave Connolly, who has previous driven just about everything with wheels including Pro Stock and Top Fuel was there working with Shane Gray's EFI program. 

So what does this mean for the future of Pro Stock? Is it too late to be saved? I would tend to think this is just the beginning of the future for Pro Stock. When you have these professional teams relying on tuners from the small tire area it shows me that there a great amount of communication between the two worlds as well. 

Since the points reset after the Indy race on Labor Day weekend, it really is up for grabs. That means if the other teams continue to make strides in their programs there is no reason another driver couldn't steal that Championship from the Summit Racing guys!