NHRA Changes the Pro Mod Rules...Again

This weekend the J&A Service Pro Mod series heads into Norwalk, OH for the NHRA Summit Racing Equipment Nationals. Now what you may not know is that last weekend, on Saturday during the Bristol event there was a rule change announcement. 

E3xtreme was in the Pro Mod pits when the teams found out that there was going to be a rules change and it was effective starting this weekend in Norwalk. Some may ask, what's the big deal with a rule change? Most of the time they aren't a huge deal, but when you take away even more of someone's power it is. 


That's right, the turbocharged combinations have yet again been hit with a rule change. Previous to this weekend the were allowed a max 41 pounds of boost, but now they are going to be limited to 38 pounds of boost. Another 3lbs of boost has been stripped from the turbochargers.

This is the second rule change in about as many races, as the turbo and nitrous combos had 50lbs of weight added to them a few weeks ago as well. So why the changes? Well if you notice there is one combo that seems to be left untouched and that appears to be the blower combo. Another reason for the change is because of the MPH. It is unsaid and unwritten that NHRA doesn't want the Pro Mods really going over 250 MPH. 

So what will this mean for competitors. First thing it means is that competitors like Kevin Fiscus and others that were hanging on with the 481x and other combos that may not make quite the power are most certainly out now. As one driver told me on Monday after I asked him about the rule change he stated "I'm out. It's one thing to bring a knife to a gun fight, it's a whole other story to bring a spoon". 

The irony of the entire situation is that at the same race they informed the turbocharged teams of the rule change, two nitrous cars were in the finals because they defeated their turbocharged competitors. Another irony is that of the top ten currently in the points standings, only two of those cars are turbocharged entries and those are the cars of Troy Coughlin, last years' World Champion, and Michael Biehle who is in his "Rookie" season. 

Time will tell what this means for the class, but this weekend at Norwalk you may seem a little surprised when the turbocharged cars are a touch slower than before.