PDRA Michigan Wrap Up

Well it was one hell of a weekend in Martin, MI at US 131 this weekend. As you have already read earlier in the week, Team EKanoo decided to take their little inline 6 single turbo car up to Michigan to compete against the big block twin turbo regulars. We were not at all surprised to see Gary and the team make it all the way to the finals in Pro Boost either. 

Gary faced some stiff competition in getting to the finals as well. He took out heavy hitters like Kevin Rivenbark, in the Galot sponsored hotrod. Kevin hadn't lost a single round of racing in PDRA this season before facing off against Gary in the Team EKanoo ride. In the semi's Gary took out Jeremy Ray when  Jeremy turned on the red and on the other side, John Strickland took out Ric Fleck by only 20 inches.  In the finals there was some drama when Strickland came to the box for the burnout and all of a sudden the EKanoo Toyota won't start. PDRA gave him time to get it started and then waved Strickland into the lights when it wasn't going to happen. John wins when EKanoo is unable to start. 

In Pro Nitrous, the two that made it to the finals didn't surprise anyone. It was going to be Jay Cox in the pumpkin versus Stevie Fast, Steve Jackson in his SEI & Bahrain 1 Racing sponsored Camaro. Stevie's engine ate a piston for dinner during the quarter finals before he came up and did a big wheel stand about half track during the semi finals. Jay took out King Kong Lizzy Musi in the semi's and took lane choice into the finals versus Stevie. In the finals Jackson goes red and Jay stands the car up half track and drives through it. Cox runs a 3.75 while Jackson wastes a 3.76 with the red. 

Pro Extreme saw two of the biggest hitters in all of drag racing square off. Brandon Snider and the Madman Frankie Taylor were set to go head to  head in the finals. Brandon had Carl Stevens in the semi's, but when Carl's car wouldn't fire Brandon took the single down the track and into the finals. Frankie had to face off against the ever strong Jason Scruggs in his semi final match up. Frankie was able to take down Jason on a holeshot. Frankie had a .018 to Jason's .104 light and the MOV was a full 23 feet. This was a clean final. Frankie tree'd Brandon and ran a 3.57 to Brandon's 3.54. 

PDRA Racing Finals

Pro Nitrous
Steve Jackson Racing vs Jay Cox:  Cox wins 3.75 to a Jackson's 3.76. Jackson went Red

Pro Extreme
Brandon Sinder vs Frankie Taylor:  Brandon looses 3.54 to Frankie's 3.57 when Frankie trees Brandon

Pro Boost
Gary White / EKanoo Racing vs. John Strickland:  Strickland takes the win when the Ekanoo car won't start

Mark Micke vs Frank Pompilio: Frank wins with a 4.05 to Micke's 4.80

Marshal al Saber vs Eric McKinney: Marshal wins 4.08 to 4.10 & Eric goes red

Extreme Pro Stock
Brian Gahm vs Johnny Pluchino: Johnny wins 4.11 to Gahm's 4.12 MOV .001

Top Sportsman
Cheyenne Stanley vs Mick Snyder:  Mick takes the win

Pro Jr. Dragster
Samuel Peterson vs Libby Ledford: Libby wins Samuel goes red 

Top Jr. Dragster
Alex Kish vs Maximus Butcher: Alex wins Maximus goes red

Top Dragster
Chaz Silace vs Craig Sullivan: Craig wins in a side by side race