Rain Kills Racing Last Weekend

Well it appears as though Mother Nature has gotten the best of a couple of races this last weekend. Luckily there was still plenty of great racing before the weather decided to rear it's ugly head. 

In Huntsville at Radial Fest this weekend we knew that rain may play a factor, but Zach Jones and the crew were still able to get almost all the classes down to the Semi's before a mass exodus of people due to a Tornado Warning and then followed by rain. The forecast wasn't looking any better for Sunday, so the decision was made to call  the race at that point. 

While on the East Coast, Maple Grove hosted the return of the NMRA for the first time in nearly a decade. Unfortunately they fell prey to Mother Nature as well and were not able to complete the race. They were about to get to the Quarter Finals in all but one class though. And on top of that, Joe Caldwell brought the resurrected "Racin" Jason Mustang out to show everyone.

NHRA was not immune to the rain either. They were in Houston this weekend for the Spring Nationals. Due to the diligence of the racers and the organization, the rain did not cause a huge issue in the pro classes. 

So chalk this weekend up to an amazing race weekend even with Mother Nature trying to wreck things. And give props to all the race promoters, tracks, crews, racers, etc that brought their stuff to the track to support the industry and the sport we all love. 

The one thing that we can't control is the weather, but as long as we continue to support the races there will continue to be races. See ya at the next stop.