Don Walsh Jr. Back In a Pro Mod

Your eyes do not deceive you, Don Walsh Jr. is stepping back into a Pro Mod. This time it will be the Oldsmobile built by Skinny Kid Race Cars out of Commerce, MI. Most know Don Walsh Jr. as the previous driver of the Precision Turbo NHRA Pro Mod, owned by Harry Hruska. 

Coming into the 2016 it was announced that Don would not be driving Harry's car this season and those duties would be taken up by Jonathan Gray. Don determined that it was time to spend more time at home, along with concentrating on his business, Walsh Motorsports 

Some of you may not know that Don has been racing for years as well. Not just in the PTE Pro Mod, but going way back to the days of FFW & NMRA Pro 5,0 days, where he was an absolute terror to anyone that dared line up next to him. With the "good ole days" long gone in Pro 5.0 Don has concentrated on Pro Mod. 

It was announced yesterday that Don would take the driving duties of the newly built SKRC Oldsmobile. Brian Robbins was the previous driver for the last 12 years and won multiple championships in the old car. 

 Photo via Skinny kid race cars

Photo via Skinny kid race cars

E3xtreme caught up with Don Walsh Jr. yesterday to get the deal on what was going on. Don stated that this all came together within a couple days. He said that they will be racing locally with the car, and that he doesn't have any interest in traveling right now. Don's first and foremost concern is spending time with his family and business. 

If you are in the upper midwest, watch out for this beautiful machine, it will be a front runner at any race it shows up to.