The Power to least a little

We have all heard the stories of someone that has fallen ill and there is that one thing that can bring a smile to their face. Well in some cases it's something as simple as a little boy watching drag racing on Youtube. 

In this case it's a 4 year old boy named Jackson Hall. On April 25th of this year Jackson was diagnosed with a brain tumor that required him to have surgery. This surgery left Jackson with some issues that he would have to work though. Jackson is already making progress based on what his father stated tonight. 

You may not think that a 4 year boy would find joy in much outside video games and cartoons, but in this case you would be completely wrong. In an amazing update posted by his father Jason this evening on Facebook, it was actually a few minutes of watching Keith Haney videos on YouTube that brought a smile to his face...

"Thank you God for another day of progress. Jackson stood on his own holding on to a rail for over 4 minutes watching YouTube videos of Keith Haney lol. He counted to 10, spelled his name and several words/ short sentences. So once again we are blessed and pleased with his progress. He was alert and in a great mood when I got back from work I picked and joked with and he laughed and talked some it, it was great. But on a lil less positive note he some kind of infection somewhere and be on antibiotics for that and has to have a spinal tap tomorrow which will show us two things hopefully where the infection is and if there's any cancerous cells that have worked their way down the spine. So we need some serious prayers for good results from that. I will share whatever news we get from that when we find out l. Thanks again family and friends for all the prayers and love"
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What this shows all of us is that anything, even something as simple as watching a little drag racing can make a difference in someones life. We ask that you continue to keep Jackson in your thoughts while he and his family go through all of this. Below is the GoFundMe for the Hall family as well. Just click the GoFundMe banner below to head over there and help out.