Fiscus Breaks MPH Record in Testing

3.54 @ 231 Yes. Before all of you get on the "but it's testing bandwagon" it's still a pretty big deal either way. The fact of the matter is that Kevin has eclipsed a mark that only Carl Stevens had previously reached. 

While testing today in the El  General Corvette for the upcoming PDRA race in Rockingham, Kevin broke the 230 MPH in the 1/8th mile. Previously, last season Carl Stevens in his XtremeRaceCars built Camaro was the only one in history to eclipse 230 MPH in a door car during an 1/8th mile pass. 

Today at Galot Motorsports Park, Kevin became only the second person to accomplish the feat. Kevin has been doing some of the test piloting for the car in the off season since his concentration is with his Pro Mod in the NHRA. 

Congrats to Kevin Fiscus, The El General Team, Proline Racing, Steve Petty, & all the rest involved with the program!