Val Breaks into the 7's


Those outside of NHRA & Radial Racing might not know who Val Clements is, but you might recognize the last name. That is because Val is the younger sister of long time race Alton Clements. Alton is a staple within the NMRA Renegade class. With this weekend's upcoming race at Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, GA both Alton and Val have been testing their race cars. Val, along with Alton compete in the NMRA Renegade class.

The Renegade class has been around since the beginning of time it seems like. It is designed for 1979 and newer Mustangs with a maximum CID of 415". You are allowed a single turbo, a single supercharger, or a choice between a single fogger system or dual plate nitrous setup.                                                            

Front runners in the class are typically into the seven second zone with these small engines and limited power adders & Val happens to be one of those shooting for that elusive performance in her 2005 Sutton Ford Built Mustang and that is exactly what happened yesterday while testing for this weekends event. Val finally broke that huge 7 second barrier when she busted off a 7.932 at 172.54 MPH.





She was able to do this by pushing her car to a low 5 second 1/8th mile pass and tacking on another 30 MPH on the backhalf. On a side note from the amazing 7 second pass, Val's previous career best was an 8.36. Quite a jump, which shows all the hard work and dedication that they have in making this car go fast. 



For those of you wondering about the hardware involved with getting Val to those performance levels we have some stats for you. Val's car is a powered by a Sutton Ford 365 ci small block Ford with AFR 225 heads bolted to the top. The air is sucked in with a Procharger F1A-94 Supercharger hanging off the front of that Sutton built engine. Backing up that powerplant is a Turbo 400 Neal Transmission and a Cameron's Torque Converter Service converter. The tuned is all handled by a Big Stuff 3 system which controls the fuel injection.



For now, Val's sponsor list is small, but with proven performance we are sure that will grow! Val wanted to thank her dad, Alton Clements Sr. for being sure a great support system. Val also feels a great deal of thanks to her brother Alton, as well as Ed Rice & Bill Gillen for all the time and effort they have put into the car in an effort to get Val to that 7 second zone.

You can find great updates on Val's team via her Facebook Page. If you are looking to contact Val in regards to any potential sponsorship, you can contact her via email

We at E3xtreme would like to congratulate Val on her awesome performance so far in 2016. Expect Val to be the one to watch in Renegade this season.