Friday Coverage

We are off and running at the Spring Radial Fest Event in Huntsville and not even the weather can slow these hot rods down. Friday started off like Thursday ended. We have some cars that could figure out the track and the heat and some that weren’t as lucky.

Friday morning and early afternoon was a scheduled test session for the event. There were a ton of cars that took advantage of the test session to get the bugs worked out and see what the track would hold in the heat.

After the test session wrapped up and track prep was all done, we moved right into Q1. First class up was Radial vs. World, which is always a crowd and racer favorite. The very first car out of the box was going to be the M&M Sponsored twin turbo Vette of Mark Woodruff. Given that we were still in the heat of the day, not many people expected huge numbers. Well Woody had another idea in mind when he went out and laid down a 4.03 to start the round. Not to be out done, Daniel Pharris in his twin turbo white SN95 Mustang shocked everyone when he blistered to a 3.90 at a whopping 210 MPH.



Extreme 275 was the next class to run and Shane Fisher in the KBX Performance Mustang grabbed the top spot in this class after busting out a 4.48, followed closely by the Bruder Bros at a 4.55. At the conclusion of Q1 we had a total of 15 cars in Extreme 275.

Limited Drag Radial (LDR to most) had a field of 19 after Q1 and they were led by none other than the silver DMC Racing Mustang of “Burndown” Don Burton who ran a staggering 4.23 followed closely by Barry Mitchell at 4.24 and Eric Gustafson with a 4.25.

Mean Street, with their 5.20 cap has 12 cars qualified after Q1. Now most will think that B. Berryhill would be #1 but from our understanding of the class, anyone who qualified quicker than a 5.20 is bumped to the back. This would mean that D. Putman moves to #1 with a 5.26.


Rounding out the classes that got their qualifier in was the huge 39 car 6.0 Index field. The leader of the pack was K. Blair with an out of this world 6.000 pass. Right on the heels of Blair are three other cars that went 6.00x though. Watch out, this is going to be some might close door to door action on Saturday.







Unfortunately, due to the rain, 7.0 and King of the Street were unable to get their qualifying runs in. They are the first up on Saturday morning though. Followed by Q2 of all classes and then straight into eliminations.






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