The Aftermath of Loss

It has been hard to focus after the accident with Ronnie Davis and Ian Tocher. I've thinking about the stories with each of them and trying to put into words the huge impact they have both made in racing.

 How do you measure each of their successes?

 At just the right time, I see this---Ronnie "The King" is one of the top stories on the Atlanta news main page, not their sports page. FoxSports main page, ESPN, Road and Track, Hot Rod, GM Authority, AND trending on Facebook. That is huge! One of our own has made an incredible mark on the sport of drag racing. However, adding to the sadness is fact everyone is talking about them after such a tragedy.

 Wes Buck Editor-in-Chief of Drag Illustrated talks so much about “Make drag racing great again”. We can continue to make our sport great by recognizing our own racers in life as well. Ironically, Ian is Senior Editor of DI and responsible for this very thing in drag racing---promoting our sport, recognizing our people, celebrating our successes, embracing our failures.

 Please continue to pray for Ian’s wife Sue and son Robert and send encouraging words to Ian:

 We are all so connected these days socially. Hundreds of ways to say hello, good-bye, I don’t like anything about you but you’re a rock star without actually ever even showing your face from behind the keyboard. That is also the problem --we don’t speak much anymore. I have been lucky to live and work in this sport because of the people I know and care about and established life-long friendships. So, I will be sharing many more racing moments about the people and families that make this sport great behind the scenes.  I want YOU to get to know the people behind the helmets to bring this sometimes brutal sport back to the human level.