Haters despise Greatness

As I sit here this morning, on the cusp of Thanksgiving and think about all the things I am thankful for, something again ran across my mind, and that was haters. These internet trolls or people who just love to hate anything that is successful. 

Last night on social media was a prime example of the haters coming out of the wood work like people after the election. These haters were all up in arms about Jimmie Johnson winning his seventh career NASCAR Championship. Jimmie joined a group that previously only had two other members, so in NASCAR that is a very elite group. Yet if you looked at social media you would think it was the end of the world. 

We as a society seem to think that anything we don't like we should have to take to social media and lambaste about. Some do it I think just to hear themselves speak. Other's do it for the gratification of just being angry about something. Then there are those who are so passionate about it, that for some reason Facebook is a good place to vent. The motorsports arena is no different in this aspect. 

It doesn't matter if this were NASCAR, NHRA, F1, Indy, or any other form of motorsports, the fact is that no one wants to see their driver lose. The sad thing is when it happens, the excuses flow like cold beer on a 90 degree day and so does the bashing of the other driver/s. If you don't believe me, take a look at any social media or chat forum when dominance prevails. 

Motorsports is the one place where there is no "taking a knee" or any of the other politics that goes on in this country, yet we have no problem bashing the one behind the seat. When I go to a motorsports event you can hear a pin drop during the National Anthem and there are no colors, religions, safe spaces, or any of that. The only arguments you see is big block vs. small block, Ford vs. Chevy, Import vs. Domestic. So why is it that a group like this continues to act like the rest of the population when our driver loses? It's just human nature. 

I am not not saying that we don't have the right to be disappointed about our driver or our team, but at some point you should stop being so butthurt and appreciate a win or a championship for what it is. You don't have to like Jimmie Johnson, but the man has won 7 championships. You don't have to like John Force, but the man has won 16 championships. You don't have to like Rickie Smith, but the man has won 11 championships. With all of that comes earned respect. 

So to all you haters in every form out there, keep up the great work! You make my job so much easier. It's like being a comedian during an election cycle.