"Flash" Fiscus goes insane and runs a 5.973 at 251.77 ON A RADIAL!!

Can you believe that? Pro Mod standout and the one of the most talented drivers in all of drag racing has shocked us all again tonight in Orlando, when he took the FKR Radial Mustang and ran it out the back to a jaw dropping 5.973 at 251.77.

Kevin is known for being able to drive the wheels off just about anything you put him in the seat of, and after having long talks with Kevin and Josh about the quarter mile potential of that car, I had a feeling it was only a matter of time before they put that shot out there. 

Via Wade Rich at Orlando

If you look at the incremental times, it would appear there is even more in it as well. It was a slower than usual 1/8th mile and a soft 60'. This is not the first time Kevin has gone 250 plus at Orlando though. I have personally been shooting top end when he ran 250+ in the Pro Mod. 








Congrats to Kevin, Josh, Linda, Courtney, Wade, Ozzy, and everyone else involved. They have got that Proline Power, Precision Turbo, FuelTech control hotrod making numbers that most thought weren't even possible.